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Welcome to Electro Sonic's collection of announcements about new products, keeping you, our customers informed and up to date.

Purchase any new PA4000 Series Power Analyzer Receive a FREE* DPO3034 300MHz 4-channel Scope (Tektronix)

Testing accuracy, high reliability and durability… at 50% savings! (Tektronix)

Best Sellers Fuse Sale (Cooper Bussmann)

Get a FREE Agilent 82357B USB/GPIB Interface worth $553US

34460A 6½ Digit, Basic Truevolt DMM (Agilent Technologies)

34461A 6½ Digit, 34401A Replacement, Truevolt DMM (Agilent Technologies)

Discover Keithley’s DMM/Switch Combination ( a Tektronix company)
MODEL 2700 • 2701 • 2750

Model 6485 5-1/2 digit Picoammeter with 10fA Resolution (Keithley - a Tektronix company)

2400 Broad Purpose SourceMeter (Keithley - a Tektronix company)

2602B System SourceMeter® SMU Instruments (Keithley - a Tektronix company)

Kiethley Power Supplies (a Tektronix company):

Buy the Best. Get Rewarded! Complimentary DSOX3034A Scope with Qualifying 4000 X-Series (Agilent Technologies)

FREE Tools - Right Tool Promotion (Fluke)

Active Cooling for Xicato Modules (ebmpapst)

PA4000 Multi-Phase Power Analyzer (Tektronix)

Weidmuller Q2 Sale

Buy a switch/measure or data acquisition system and get Benchlink Data Logger Pro FREE (Agilent Technologies)

FREE Carrying Case & AC Current Clamp (Agilent)

OK International Tip Rebate Promotion

Tektronix's NEW TBS1000 Series Oscilloscope Series

Panduit Terminal Kit - PART NO. K2-PVKITY

MX-5200 Dual Simultaneous - SOLDERING, DESOLDERING & REWORK (Metcal)

Tektronix's DPO2000B and MSO2000B Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

NEW Agilent U1273AX Handheld Digital Multimeter
4.5 digit, OLED display, -40°C to 55°C operating temperature

Virtually Indestructible Cases plus Advanced Lighting Systems & Backpacks (Pelican)

Tektronix AFG2021 Arbitrary/Function Generator

Amphenol RF Product Listing

MFR-1100 Series Single Output Soldering and Rework System

The Advantages of Using GreenTech EC Technology
i-maxx AXIAL FANS - SERIES ACi 4400 (EBM Papst)

PUI Audio Programmable Indicators - Model API-4260-LW150-R

PBX Secure Microswitches (Crouzet)

Model 5492B and 5492BGPIB - 5 1/2 Digit Bench Digital Multimeter (BK Precision)

N6700 Series Modular Power Systems (Agilent Technologies)

Weller® Digital Soldering Station, 85W, 120 V, With WP80 Pencil

Weller® High Powered Digital Soldering Station, 200W, 120 V W/WXMP & WXMT

New HD Connectors (Belden)

Fluke T5 Continuity, Current and Non Contact Voltage Tester

Schroff Subrack product overview

Schroff Front Panel Express

Brady BMP™21 Label Printer

Brady BMP™71 Label Printer and Labels

The BMP®51 Label Printer - Get the job done faster, easier and with confidence

Handheld DMM - Go Wireless with Agilent

Thin Film Chip Resistors (Vishay)

10% Off MC-4 Compatible Solar Connectors, Tools and Accessories (Amphenol)

GSP-930 Model 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer (Instek)

U1177A Infrared (IR) to Bluetooth Adapter (Agilent Technologies)

U1610A/U1620A Handheld Oscilloscopes (Agilent Technologies)

Snap-In Aluminum Products Electrolytic Capacitors (KEMET)

Screw Terminal Aluminum Products Electrolytic Capacitors (KEMET)

Mechatronics' Backward Curved Impeller Fan

Instek's GDS-1000A-U Series Scopes

Receive for FREE the power and serial bus software with a purchase of any GDS3000 Series Scope

Get a FREE Soldering System with BGA“Clean-up” Tip
with a purchase of an MRS-1100A Convection Rework System

AlphaWire FIT Heat-Shrink Tubing - The perfect FIT for any need

LUXO's Buy 2 Get 1 FREE WAVE+ Illuminated Magnifiers

Tektronix's THS3000 Series Handheld Oscilloscope

BK Precision's Dual Range DC Power Supply - Model 1737

Orion Fans' Smart Switched Power Distribution Units

MG Chemicals' NEW Total Ground Carbon Conductive Coating

MG Chemicals' Super Duster 152

MG Chemicals' Super Shield Conductive Coating

BK Precision's 10% off Education Promotion

BK Precision's Model 2530B & 2532B - 25 MHz & 40 MHz, 500 MSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Agilent Technologies' 33210A, 33220A and 33250A Function/Arbitrary Wavefrom Generators - 10 MHz, 20 MHz, 80 MHz

Agilent Technologies' 33522A & 35521A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 30 MHz

Crouzet's Millenium 3 Logic Controllers and Pneumatics

Save up to 10% on selected Enersys Genesis™ XE parts

New Instek GDS-1000A-U - 150/100/70MHz Bandwidths Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Intsek GDS-1000-U 100MHz/70MHz/50MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Tektronix's Power Reference Kit

The World’s Leading Three Phase Power Analyzer - Model 434/PWR Power Analyzer

NOW AVAILABLE! Silfab FIT Compliant 245W Solar Panels

AIMTEC Power Supplies

Fluke's 190 Series II ScopeMeter® Test Tool

Agilent's U1230 Handheld Digital Multimeters - For dark, noisy and even dangerous environments

B&K's Model 830C & 890C - 11,000-Count Dual-Display Handheld Capacitance Meters

Amphenol MotionGrade™ M23 & M40 Connectors

B&K's Model 2534, 2540, 2542 - 60 MHz & 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

Calex HCM Series - 150 Watt Chassis Mount DC/DC Converter

Amphenol Micro D – M83513 Series for C4I applications, data transfer, space-savings & rugged performance

Tektronix TPS2000B

Norcomp D-Subminiatures - Backshells, Connectors and Hardware

Weidmüller Q2 2011 Sale

NMB Fans - Extensive List

Hammond Enclosures - 1590 Series Enclosures

Agilent's NEW 2000/3000 X-Series Oscilloscope

NEW LED Strips from Mode

Tektronix's DPO5000/MSO5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Series

Tektronix's DPO4000B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Series

Compact, Low-Cost Microstick for Development Boards
DM330013 for dsPIC33F and PIC24H

Amphenol's 25% Off The World of Backshells Sale - For Circular Connectors

Amphenol 97 Series Connectors

Agilent U1270 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters - Free Demonstration

Tektronix's PWS2000 DC Power Supply Series

Tektronix's PWS4000 DC Power Supply Series

Amphenol Solar Solution Connectors - MC-4 Compatible Connectors

NEW TDS2000C Oscilloscope Series - Performance you need at a price you can afford

Amphenol's High-Performance, Cost-Effective Solution for the Automotive Interconnection

Alpha Wire FIT® Sleeving for Rugged Applications

Model 878B & 879B - 40,000 Count Dual-Display Handheld LCR Meters

WaveXpress™ - FREE Waveform Editing Software

NKK Touch Screens

Sealed Rechargeable, Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries - Genesis NP Series

Hammond's Data Center Rack Cabinet Systems (DC100 Series)

Pepperl + Fuch's F99 Inclination Sensors

NTE's New ECG WIC-100 Wireless Recordable Inspection Camera

Smoke-Free, Zero-Halogen Cables from AlphaWire

Go GREEN with Techspray RENEW - Eco-Friendly Cleaners that Work

Tyco Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing

Panduit Solution Improve Productivity and Job Safety - PAN-LUG™ Power Connectors and Crimping Tools

Largest Selection of Cable Ties (Panduit)

Binder-USA's 693 Series Threaded Connectors

Switch to Wireless with Honeywell

OKI's NEW Soldering and Rework Stations

Hybrid Solid State Contactor - Crydom's RHP Series

Tyco Electronics Tool Sale

Tyco Electronics - Connecting you to Alternative Energy Solutions

Alpha Wire EcoWire™ Hook-Up Wire

B&K's Model 2831E - 4 1/2 Digit True RMS Bench Multimeter

Tyco's Lighting Application - Thru-Hole Poke-In Wire Lighting and LIGHT-N-LOK Connectors

PUI Audio's NEW Multi-Layer Piezo Speakers

Agilent's NEW U1210 Series Clamp Meter

Tyco Electronic's Corcom CU Series

Agilent 34970A/72A Data Acquisition/Switch

Introducing the NEW 9000 Infiniium Scope Series

Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter

Fluke's Latest Laser Distance Meter - 421D

Industry's Smallest PRT-Based Sensors - VDM28 Distance Measurement Sensors

See the Latest in FPC Connector Design and Technology

CDE at a Glance - Capacitors for Inverter Applications

Clean Your Most Expensive Screens with Confidence - 8242-RTF LCD Wipes (MG Chemicals)

Meet The Newest Member Of Your Crew - The BMP™21 Label Printer

B&K Precision's Single Output Programmable DC Power Supplies: Models 9150, 9151, 9152 & 9153

Smallest, Lowest-Profile Surface-Mount Transducers

B&K Precision Function Generators: Model 4076 & 4079

Tektronix's NEW Benchtop DMM

Instek's GDS-1000A: Series150MHz/100MHz/60MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

ETA-USA AC/DC & DC/DC Converters and Power Supplies

Binder-USA: IP68 Pre-Wired M12 Male Panel Connectors

Omron's Light Curtain Kit Promotion

Agilent's USB Modular Products

Tektronix Education Resource Kit

Fluke's FTP and FTPL SureGripTM Fused Test Probes and Kit

Ferraz Shawmut Fuses and Accessories

Tektronix's NEW MSO3000 Series Scopes - The all-in-one solution for mixed signal debug

Omron Micro Tilt and MEMS Sensors - Sensing Movement and Air Flow

Instek Scopes and Power Supply

Ampenol PCD - Created for the Harsher Environment

The Leading Edge of PCB Detection - P+F's ML8 Photoelectric Sensors

Binder News - RD24 7-pin Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Loctite's Power Grab® - featuring Instant Grab™ technology

Agilent's NEW 1000 Series Oscilloscope - More is Better

Agilent's U1401A Handheld Multi-Function Calibrator/Meter - Calibrate while you measure with just one tool

Agilent's Handheld Capacitance/LCR Meters - LCR testing without the wait

P+F's New Photoelectric Fiber Optic Amplifiers

Tough and Extreme - Loctite's New Insulating and Sealing Wrap

Crydom's NEW Hybrid Solid State Contactor - RHP Series

Minimark™ Printer Kits Promotion

PCB Mountable M12 Socket Connectors

Upgrade your DSO Scope to a MSO Scope

Microchip Development Tools

PUI Audio's NEW Water Resistant Speakers

Introducing the E-T-A Circuit Protection Selection Guide

Go the Distance with Fluke's NEW Handheld Laser Distance Meters

Competitive Price and Low Profile - Omron's NEW Industrial Power Supply

Brady/SPC introduces an eco-friendly family of high-performance sorbent products

Connect to the Light with Tyco Electronics

Tektronic's Overachiever - The NEW DPO2000/MSO2000
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