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Amphenol Advanced Sensor/Nova Sensor

NovaSensor, a division of Amphenol Advanced Sensors, is the medical industry pioneer for MEMS technology, as well as pressure sensors. Amphenol Advanced Sensors capitalizes on NovaSensor’s heritage as a leader in micromachining process design for pressure sensing and MEMS technology for OEM customers in the medical, automotive, and industrial process industries. Nova Sensor’s expertise spans over 3 decades and the company has manufactured more than 500 million MEMS-based sensors. <br /><br />NovaSensor by Amphenol Advanced Sensors offers leading sensor solutions in the realm of the microelectromechanical (MEMS). Their sensor line includes cost effective surface mount, hybrid, and media isolated sensors applicable in not only transportation applications, but also industrial and medical applications.<br /><br />The company has a library of intellectual properties, a range of technology, production capability and expertise, that makes NovaSensor® a logical choice for helping bring any microsystem design to market.<br /><br />NovaSensor can produce more than 1 million pressure sensors die per week. While, NovaSensor’s mainstream MEMS solution includes pressure sensors in surface mount packages (the NPC-1210 and 1220 Series devices), fully calibrated and amplified (analog and digital capabilities – NPA), and media isolated stainless-steel pressure sensors (NPI-19 Series) for harsh media environments.<br /><br />NovaSensor, a division on Amphenol Advanced Sensor, offers pressure sensor die for users that have the ability to place, wire bond, and house the NovaSensor die into their customer platform. In addition, some die are made specifically for medical applications specifically disposable blood pressure and catheters.

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