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Sensata / BEI Sensors

BEI Sensors was part of the Custom Sensors & Technologies ("CST") sensing portfolio acquired by Sensata on July 30, 2015 for $1 billion. BEI provides harsh environment position sensors, optical and magnetic encoders and motion control sensors to the industrial, aerospace, agricultural and medical device markets. The company specializes in extreme application uses with their speed and position sensors. BEI Sensors is known for its extensive range of products from standard off-the-shelf to completely customized solutions for any challenging application. The comprehensive product line includes: - Incremental and Absolute Encoder Solutions - Rotary Optical Encoder Products - Magnetic Encoders - Hall Effect Non-Contact Position Sensors - Contact Potentiometers - Other Motion Control Products Specialized products for extreme applications include those for wash-down and corrosive environments, extended operating temperatures, high shock and vibration, wet and dirty operations and products certified for hazardous area use. Sensata-BEI Sensors offers a comprehensive speed and position sensing product line that includes incremental and absolute encoders, hall effect sensors, rotary and linear potentiometers as well as inclinometers and draw wire solutions. Reliable and rugged products that are designed for use in standard industrial to heavy duty and hazardous area applications.


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Sensata / BEI Sensors

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