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Curtis Instruments

Curtis Instruments, Inc., has led the way with innovations in motor control, battery management and vehicle instrumentation since 1960. Vehicle design engineers at major OEMs worldwide depend on Curtis to enhance and evolve their own products. Curtis is in the forefront of developing clean transportation alternatives. Today, the company is an internationally recognized leader in instrumentation and controls, primarily for electric vehicles of all types. Curtis operates 12 offices with more than 1,000 Curtis employees worldwide providing excellent sales and service support. The California R&D center, Curtis CA, was founded as Curtis PMC in 1985, and is one of the world’s largest controller technical centers and is a highly specialized engineering facility focused on the design and development of advanced motor speed controllers for electric vehicles of all types. Curtis controllers are internationally renowned for their technical advancement, reliability and performance. Millions of Curtis PMC motor speed controllers have been sold to EV OEMs worldwide. Globally, all types of industrial, utility, airport, recreational and light-on-road vehicles, as well as wheelchairs, use Curtis PMC brand controllers. The Curtis product offering includes a wide range of integrated system products for the off-road vehicle market. This includes a full range of motor speed controllers traction, steering and lift controllers for AC Induction, SepEx ® , Permanent Magnet and Series Motors.


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