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EOS Power

EOS Power was founded in 1991 in California by a number of power electronics engineers. The company designs, manufactures, markets, sells and supports some of the world's smallest and most efficient AC/DC switching power supplies. (from 25 watts to 550 Watts). EOS Power offers turn-key design engineering, value added manufacturing as well as product support from its facilities in Mumbai, India.<br /><br />Now in its 28th year, the EOS brand of power supplies has sold tens of millions of units. EOS had been the power division, through acquisition by Celetronix and then Jabil Circuit when it acquired Celetronix. EOS POWER is now back in private ownership and has become the power partner of choice for many global medical, industrial and quality conscious customers. EOS POWER INDIA Pvt. Ltd., its current iteration, is the largest manufacturer and exporter of branded power supplies in India and also offers complete VAM, ODM and support and repair services in India for its customer partners.<br /><br />EOS Power is the leading seller of ultra-miniature, high efficiency power solutions. Their product designs are robust, high quality and flexible to allow modifications and value add engineering to occur with minimum cost applicable to end customers. EOS POWER’s promise to design engineers and the electronics products industry is to produce and support them with high-efficiency, high-density power solutions.

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