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Mercury United Electronics

Manufacturer of Quartz Crystal (X), Crystal Oscillator (XO), EMI Reduction Oscillator (SSXO), TCXO, VCTCXO, VCXO, OCXO, Monolithic Crystal Filter & Inductive Proximity Sensor devices.
Mercury Electronic Ind Co., Ltd. was established over 40 years ago, in 1973, as the first quartz crystal frequency control product manufacturer in Taiwan.

As a pioneer in the crystal industry, Mercury continues to meet market demands by researching & developing many new cutting-edge products. Many of these high-precision products meet very tight and accurate specifications. They are available in miniature surface mount packages at frequencies ranging from the low kilohertz (kHz), up to one and a half gigahertz (GHz).

Quality is second-to-none at Mercury, insuring that each lot will meet the standards necessary for each and every application from medical devices, space technology, networking, telecommunications, GPS to consumer electronics.
Mercury is committed to maintaining its high-Quality standards by constantly improving their manufacturing technologies and maintaining their new product development.

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Mercury United Electronics

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