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Philmore Mfg.

Philmore Manufacturing was founded in 1921 in Rockford, Illinois. Known in the 1950s for its line of televisions (made from 1948-1965), the company has been manufacturing electronic components for nearly 100 years. Philmore also made morse code kits for early telegraph communication and was influential in crystal radio manufacturing.

In December 1988, Wayne and Judy Timpe started LKG Industries and that same year acquired Philmore and a number of other companies over the years. LKG Industries, Inc.dba Philmore/Datak/Carter Craft/Pfanstiehl imports, manufactures and markets thousands of electronic accessory items for use with consumer items, in categories such as Audio, Video, Television, Telephone and Personal Computers, as well as connectors and switches for use in manufacturing.

Philmore’s microphone connectors are now used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Their reliable, economical multi-pin connections are popular for rugged mobile use, as they stand up to extremes of shock and vibration. These multi-pin mobile connectors are in high demand.

Other Philmore Manufacturing products include dimmers and switches, cable and power assemblies, circuit breakers and fuse accessories, as well as, transformers, batteries and resistors.


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Philmore Mfg.

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