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Struthers-Dunn was founded in 1923 by John Struthers-Dunn and were one of the earliest relay manufacturers in the United States and the first manufacturer of Military Relays for US Government during World War II. Their first military product, the 101 Series contactor was a 100A rated SPST switch for use on Naval Ships in 1938. The company later developed a high-reliability relay for use in Nuclear Energy Facilities, it is still used today for critical controls. Their work with the military helped develop the QPL (Qualified Product List) of products for the US Military, commonly known as MIL-SPEC Products.

Struthers-Dunn (also known as Dunco) has become one of the most trusted relay manufacturers in the world. Their products are known for their rugged or “overbuilt” design, high quality, and exceptional reliability and are used in most industrial/commercial applications.

Struthers-Dunn relays can be found in traffic signal, power generation and distribution, factory automation, elevators, cranes, hoists, motor control, and water /waste water treatment applications. The company is also one of the last US makers of power relays and contactors. They recently announced they are undertaking an aggressive approach to their new product development, concentrating on more compact designs, higher rated specifications and innovative features.