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TE Connectivity / AMP Brand

TE Connectivity AMP brand has been connecting the world for over 78 years. The company began, in 1941, as Aircraft Marine Products making solderless electrical connectors, relays and resistors for aircraft and ships for quick and removable wire connections. After World War 2 the company incorporated in 1956 and renamed as AMP Incorporated before being purchased in 1999 by then Tyco International.<br /><br />The products made as part of the AMP brand include connectors, cables, tooling and components that transmit power, signal and data in the systems, devices and machines that help connect our world’s safety, productivity and sustainability. <br /><br />TE Connectivity AMP brand makes tens of thousands of products including connectors, resistors and relays, as well as, encoders and switches, components, wire and cable and many tools used anywhere signal and/or power need to enter or exit a system. The AMP products come in a wide range of power and signal options.


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TE Connectivity / AMP Brand

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