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TE Connectivity / Deutsch

TE Connectivity Deutsch was founded in 1938 by Alexander Deutsch in California. Deutsch was a pioneer in the industrial connector industry and after it acquired the General Electric connector division, known as Monowatt, in 1954 the company seriously took off. The company’s rise to prominence continued in 1957 when Deutsch invented the first miniature electrical connector with a push-pull configuration coupling system for the Douglas DC-8.<br /><br />TE Connectivity Deutsch products include wires, connectors, contacts, accessories, and subsea power cables and are used by aerospace, defense, marine, rail and industrial commercial transportation. The company specialises in extreme environments such as high temperature, pressure (altitude and depth), high vibration and many other different applications like space, Formula 1 cars, railway, defense, civil and military aerospace and battlefield applications.<br /><br />Deutsch was acquired by TE Connectivity in 2012.