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TE Connectivity / Holsworthy Brand

Holsworthy, a British-based company, initially produced film circuitry and was acquired by Meggitt PLC for £3.5 million in cash and stock in 1985. The purchase increased Meggitt's sales by 75 percent.

The company expanded its products to include precision resistors as well as hybrid circuits and passive components for many applications in medical equipment and high accuracy instrumentation.

Now part of the TE Connectivity brands, the Holsworthy MRS series is an entirely new chip network utilising nickel chrome sputtering on high purity alumina. This network has been designed for high volume applications and is offered with 4 isolated resistors on a single substrate (12.06 sizes) at 0.1% with convex terminals. A wide value range and available TCR’s make this a most versatile resistor solution.

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