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Molex Incorporated was founded in 1938 and began making flowerpots out of an industrial byproduct plastic called Molex. They also made connectors for General Electric and other appliance manufacturers and in 2006 acquired Woodhead. Molex was deeply involved in the development of the first car radio, the first cell phone and the first HDTV. <br /> <br />Molex Incorporated makes electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection systems. Molex offers over 100,000 products, across a variety of industries: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Alternative Energies, Consumer/Home Appliances, Commercial Vehicles, Data/Computing, Industrial Automation, Industrial Electrical, Medical, Scientific, Smartphones and Mobile Devices, Solid State Lighting and Telecoms/Networking.<br /> <br />Through its Woodhead line of products, Molex provides a range of reliable portable power and lighting solutions, as well as rugged Watertite plugs, receptacles, cover plates and GFCI modules. Able to perform in the most demanding circumstances, these products excel in wet and harsh plant floor conditions that include extreme temperature and wash-down applications.<br /><br />Molex offers a complete line of reliable Woodhead electrical solutions designed to support optimal worker safety and performance for today's harsh duty environments. The company’s industry-leading solutions range from portable lighting to power distribution supporting the needs of industries such as commercial construction, utility, petrochemical, and food and beverage.

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