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What is a superpower?

At Master Electronics, we define your superpower as your most positive and impactful personality asset.

It should be an overarching concept that can apply both personally and at work, and it’s shaped by both your genetic predisposition (i.e., you were born with it) and your life experience (i.e., you’ve developed it over time).

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Our company mission speaks to this importance:
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Why are superpowers important to us?

We use superpowers to understand our employees better, allowing us to put them in roles and situations where their superpowers shine.

When each employee’s superpower is leveraged within our team, our collective impact is stronger. We enhance each other’s strengths and account for each other’s weaknesses.

Our process for discovering an individual’s superpower begins before a prospective employee interviews with us. We use the Predictive Index assessments as part of our hiring process to help identify a person’s unchanging characteristics that inform the discovery of their superpower. As the hiring process continues, we aim to place each new employee in a role where their superpower will be an asset.

If you’d like to adopt our process to discover your own superpower, we include the steps that have worked well for our team in the “How to Discover Your Superpower” section below.

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How do superpowers
change over time?

Our short answer is this: Your superpower itself isn’t likely to change over time, but how you choose to use that superpower throughout your life may change. As your values and priorities evolve and you gain life experience, you may find that the choices you make in deciding how to best utilize your superpower also evolve.

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How to Discover Your Superpower

Step 1

Discover Your Strengths

Click on one of these free resources and take an assessment. Predictive Index, High Five or Myer Briggs

Step 2

Identify Your Superpower

Use the results of your assessment to better understand your core strengths which lead to identifying your superpower.

Step 3

What’s your Kryptonite?

Identify what situations or dynamics affect your ability to use your superpower successfully.

Step 4

What’s Next?

Share what your superpower is on LinkedIn by tagging Master Electronics and using the #MasterSuperpower hashtag!

Additional Resources

Want to learn more about your superpower? Our employees found these resources helpful in discovering their superpowers and we hope they will help you too!

Take the Predictive Index

High Five Test

Discover your top 5 strengths based off your unique personality.

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16 Personalities

Take this test to unlock your personality type.

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Myers Briggs

A self-report questionnaire that assesses how you perceive the world and make decisions.

Learn More

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Our superpowers allow us to bring our mission statement to life
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